Privacy Policy

PUBLIC RECORD - As defined by Ohio law, all of the case information available for retrieval on this website is considered Public Record.

COLLECTION OF INFORMATION - For security purposes, a log is maintained of each access of this site. This log includes the point of origin of access as identified by the Internet address of the computer through which the access occurs. In addition, payments made as the result of interactions with this site will be logged and tied to the case against which the payment was made such that the payment may be recorded and the case be closed. No credit card information of any kind is maintained on this server. No social security numbers are retained by this program. The maintainers of this site and other parties acting in the interests of North Olmsted Mayor's Court reserve the right to review any and all such logged data as part of:

  1. The normal operation and maintenance of this site
  2. The record keeping required to track payments
  3. Any preemptive or reactive security audits that may be deemed appropriate per the judgment of either the North Olmsted Mayor's Court or the maintainers of this site.